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Ways to Enjoy the Fall

A windy road during Fall
Now that the summer's over, the weather is getting colder, and that sometimes limits the activities you can do. Though there might be less to do, there are still many options for you to choose from when you’re looking for something to do during the cooler months. In this week’s Ledges at Johnston Blog, we’ve got a short list of ways you can enjoy the fall.

Go for a Drive

Since the weather is turning colder, you can head out on a nice drive. Since it’s autumn, you’re going to be able to witness the beauty of the leaves changing. Going for a drive allows you to appreciate the picturesque nature around you here in Johnston, RI. Be sure to bring some blankets just in case you want to stop and sit.

Go On a Hike

Though hiking is usually considered a summer activity, finding a nice hike during the fall is a good way to spend a day. Since the weather has turned colder, you’re likely to perspire less and have a more comfortable time during the hike. This is another way that you can head out of your apartment to enjoy the beauty of nature and to see the changing color of the leaves. Don’t forget to pack enough water.

Go to a Corn Maze

One of the most prominent things to do during the fall is head to a corn maze! Explore the twists and turns of the maze while enjoying the crisp air. Check out Salisbury Farm for their Giant Corn Maze that has been around since 1998.  

Do you have any favorite activities that you enjoy doing during autumn? If you do, let our apartment community know of them by leaving a comment! We hope you enjoyed this short list of things to do during the fall!