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Prepare for the December Holidays

person dressed in warm winter clothes and holding a mug.

After the Thanksgiving holiday, another holiday follows quickly. The December holidays are viewed as an even bigger holiday than Thanksgiving with its fair share of stresses, so are sharing ways to prepare and fully enjoy the season in this week’s Ledges at Johnston Blog.

Holiday Movies

One of the easiest ways to get into the mood of the season is by watching some holiday-themed movies! Pop some popcorn, grab some extra blankets and pillows, and make some hot chocolate! Settle into your couch with family members, friends, or loved ones to watch your favorite holiday movie. If you need help choosing, you can try watching Elf, The Holiday, or Home Alone.


With the holiday season fast approaching, department and grocery stores will begin playing some season-appropriate music. To avoid getting burned out with all of the music being played over and over in stores, we suggest finding a holiday playlist (or create an anti-holiday one) that you can enjoy through the entire month of December. Enjoy the festive and upbeat melodies while you work, shop and relax at home!

Early Shopping

Stay on top of your preparation by getting your holiday shopping done early in the month! The worst part about the holidays, despite the good intentions, is navigating your way through the malls and shopping centers filled with people. The holidays can get a little hectic with people attempting to purchase gifts for family and friends, so the earlier you go, the better. If you prefer, you can use the internet to purchase gifts without the hassle of leaving your home!

Do you have any ways you prepare for the December holidays? Let our Johnston, RI apartment community know of them by leaving us a comment! Thanks for reading and enjoy the December holidays this year!