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New Year, New Hobbies

Ledges at Johnston Blog, Johnston, RI  A new year is here and it's time to start something new! Read on for a list of hobbies to start this month.

A new year is here! This is a great time for a fresh start. Maybe that means finally following your passion, starting a business, or making a new friend. In today’s Ledges at Johnston Blog we want to help you start a new hobby as a way of bringing in the new year. We have a few hobbies for you to try out, and we’ll help you learn how to get started. We hope you enjoy your new year here in Johnston, RI.



Calligraphy is a great hobby to start that won’t take too much effort to start. Just buy the right paper and some brush pens to get started. Try these 8 tips for anyone who wants to learn calligraphy and hand-lettering from BuzzFeed for help on your journey of beginning calligraphy. The author of the article suggests taking an online hand-lettering class or downloading worksheets that guide you through writing letters once you have your materials. Take your time and practice frequently to get better. It may take time to get to where you want to be, but be patient and you’ll improve!



Another creative hobby, photography is a matter of getting the items and materials you need, learning some tips and tricks, and frequently practicing. SLR Lounge has a great infographics for the beginner photographer. They have tips on what camera to get and basic information about aperture, ISO, and exposure. Find other resources like classes in Johnston, RI or online tutorials to increase your knowledge.



Cooking is a great hobby to start that will always be useful. Better cooking skills equals better meals for you and those you live with or share your skills with. It’s also an easy hobby to start, assuming most of us have a basic knowledge of cooking. If not, no need to fear; the internet is there for you! Greatist’s 11 Cooking Basics Every Grown Person Should Know is a great resource to help you get started on your cooking journey. As you learn the basics and become more advanced, continue researching to learn more. If you have the basics down, try making some Tasty recipes. They have over 1,000 video recipes to pick from.


Listen to Podcasts

Some people have discovered the wonder and beauty of podcasts, while many others have still never listened to a single one. You can find podcasts about anything imaginable, like mystery stories, comedy, human psychology topics, language learning, fascinating information, and so many more topics.


Try listening to This American Life for a taste of many different topics or Stuff You Should Know for a variety of interesting topics. Discover the topics you enjoy the most and research to find more. You’ll be surprised at how much information is out there. Find podcasts on the Apple Podcasts App, Google Play, Spotify, or anywhere else podcasts are found.


Do you have any plans of starting a new hobby? What hobbies do you have right now? Share them with us in the comments below. Thanks for reading!