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Host a Dinner Party


Ledges at Johnston Blog, Johnston, RI  Friends. Food. Fun. Follow our tips so that those things can come together when you throw a successful dinner party!

Welcome back to the Ledges at Johnston Blog! Since it’s summer and the weather is nice, why not take advantage of the longer days and gather some friends together to have a dinner party! It’s time to prepare your Johnston, RI apartment for some great company! We’ve got some tips for throwing a successful dinner party in today’s post!


Make a Checklist

Preparation is key in the success of your shindig, so making a checklist is a great way of keeping track of the things that you need. Consider the essentials like utensils, napkins, plates, and trashbags. Keep track of the items on your checklist that you’ve gotten and place them in an easy-to-remember place. Take special care to ensure that your guests will be taken care of. Food is easily the most important part of any dinner party, so make sure you’ve prepared enough for all your guests to eat their fill.


Make It a Potluck

If you’re worried about the financial strain of feeding an entire army of people, you can make your event a potluck. Since you’re the one hosting, be the one to provide the main dishes, but feel free to ask your guests to bring side dishes, desserts, or drinks. If you are going to make it a potluck, communicate clearly with your guests so they aren’t doubling up on dishes and are aware if there is a theme for your party.


Include Games

Sometimes dinner parties include people who don’t come from the same group of friends. If you’re inviting friends from different areas of your life, try to have some games to facilitate conversation so they can get to know each other. Get-to-know-you games are easily the best way to break the ice. If all of your friends know each other, then it’s a good way to just have some fun!


Dinner parties are a grand occasion that can be a highlight of your summer, so take some time and use our tips to make it a good one! Do you have any tips or experiences to make dinner parties successful? Let us know about them by leaving a comment below!