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Healthy Eating for Summer

display of fruits and vegetables

Summer is coming to a close, but that should not be an excuse to give up eating healthy. Instead of starting your “summer body” preparation in January for a New Year’s Resolution, start now by making a change in your eating habits. In this week’s Ledges at Johnston Blog, we’ve got a few tips to help you commit to a healthier lifestyle. All these things should be possible from within your Johnston, RI apartment.

Fruits and Vegetables

Since it’s still summertime, there are fruits and vegetables in a variety of vibrant colors and varieties that you can choose from. Meals with a generous serving of fruits and vegetables will allow your body to get the nutrients it needs to function. Though meat isn’t bad, you should trade that extra helping of meat for an extra helping of vegetables, for health’s sake.

Eat Out Less

Though the temptation will be great and the urge to resist will be low, make a better choice for your body by choosing to make meals at home instead of opting for the fast food options. Homemade meals are traditionally better for you, made with fresher ingredients, and most cost-efficient. Because the idea behind fast food is to serve as many people as possible, restaurants often cut corners and offer unhealthy alternatives to good foods. Do what’s best for your body by watching what goes into it by making it yourself!


Watching what you eat is not only what you intake, but also how much you intake. When people start exercising and making a lifestyle change, it’s normal to look forward to seeing results. When those results don’t come, they tend toward giving up thinking that their efforts are being wasted. Often times people start exercising without making a change in their eating habits and they continue to eat as much as they used to, sometimes more so, and that contributes to a lack of results. Be mindful of how much you’re eating. Eating more fruits and vegetables can allow you to get full faster with fewer calories.

A healthy lifestyle change involves getting your body the right amount of nutrients while maintaining a caloric deficiency, not starving yourself. Attaining an “ideal” body is not worth participating in risky eating habits that can lead to eating disorders.