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Dress for Cold Weather

a pile of fall sweaters
November can get cold and it can be a horrible experience when you’re not dressed for the weather. Don’t be left out the in the cold with nothing to keep you warm. In this week’s Ledges at Johnston Blog, we’ve got a few tips for you to help you keep warm during the colder months here in Johnston, RI!    


Since the summer is over, the time for layering is here! Not only will you look great if you layer properly, you’ll also be warmer during the day! Invest in some key pieces that you can not only look good alone, but will look good as part of your layering. Remember to keep your outermost layer easily removable so you can take it off in the event that you get too warm during the day.


Choosing the right fabrics will keep you warm. In the summer, it’s recommended that you wear fabrics like cotton and linen, which are thinner and lighter so as to allow more air flow and to keep the heat from being kept by your body. However, we’re not in summer anymore, so pick clothing made from fabrics like wool and fleece so the heat your body produces can be be kept in. Thanks to advances in technology and the fashion industry there are various outerwear options that are both warm and lightweight, making it easier to find clothing that will keep you warm and not weigh you down!


To keep yourself additionally warm, we suggest getting some accessories like scarves, beanies, or mittens. Accessories are a good way to have a means of warmth while not committing heavily to something not easily removed. If you choose the right pieces, these accessories will lend to enhancing your overall aesthetic as well as being functional.  

Do you have any tips for how to dress for the colder weather and still look stylish? Let our apartment community know of your tips by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading!